1 03Mpa Fire Tube Boiler In Paper Factory

1 03Mpa Fire Tube Boiler In Paper Factory

Three sources of noise noise pollution has become one of the three 1 03mpa fire tube boiler in paper factorys pollution of modern society. We often see complaints and disputes due to the noise generated by the boiler in the news. Noise existing boilers relatively large, often the subject of complaints of users. According to the survey, most of the existing boiler noise in our country are not well controlled. Boiler noise produced mainly by the following reasons: 1, the boiler blower. Boiler blower noise is mainly frictional noise and airframe noise operation between the rotor and stator vibration caused by the vibration of air noise from the fan caused. Gas inlet device, since the high-speed air flow impact on the fan noise. 2, boiler pump. Boiler pump is usually noisy noisy water pump itself and the noise generated by the structure. 3, boiler exhaust. When the exhaust gas boiler, jet noise is generated when the high temperature and pressure vapor is injected into the atmosphere. Steel gas generated noise transmitted along the chimney, the chimney outlet formed noise.

The need for the country to promote low nitrogen 1 03mpa fire tube boiler in paper factory What? Issued from the national emission reduction policies and monitoring efforts, the state vigorously promote low nitrogen determination boiler unabated. Reduce NOx emissions is to improve the ambient air quality monitoring data needs in recent years shows that the typical features of a larger pollutant PM2.5 exceeded the proportion of long seriously overweight and regional situation, to improve ambient air quality is facing enormous challenges. Domestic and international research and management experience shows that regional PM2.5 pollution control is a very difficult system engineering, must be analyzed on a consolidated basis, we propose targeted control measures in order to effectively alleviate the region PM2.5 pollution. PM2.5 including primary and a secondary discharge section two generating particles, Beijing, for example, a high proportion of secondary particles, particularly PM2.5 weight ratio of the secondary particle contamination significantly increase over regular time periods. There are observations indicate heavy contamination with environmental changes PM2.5 NOx concentration exhibits a strong correlation, characterized in that changes in synchronization. NOx is an important precursor PM2.5, two roles in the formation process: First, the reaction of chemical components NO3- are important secondary particles; photolysis through two chain reaction O3-, increased an oxidizing atmosphere, providing SOx, NOx oxidation NO3- and SO42- oxidant. California CAMQ use simulation models to cut NOx emissions once the impact of PM2.5, the result is every tonne of NOx emissions can be reduced by about 0.13 tons PM2.5.

"Module", equivalent to a single large 1 03mpa fire tube boiler in paper factory split into several small boilers, in the number of "simple parallel combination" may be implemented in different tons of steam demand. Modular design structure determines the three characteristics of the boiler. 1, each boiler backup each other upon a single fault occurs in the boiler, the boiler can start immediately the other, a very small effect on the heating. 2, capacity scalability is good, a lot of demand for heating office buildings and other heat load life will change in different seasons, the selection module boiler can be the perfect solution to this situation, at any time by increasing or decreasing the number of boiler units, achieved a smaller investment meet the demand. 3, boiler room infrastructure do not ask, can significantly reduce capital investment costs.

Fast 1 03mpa fire tube boiler in paper factory is a very trustworthy business, whether it is the beginning of cooperation or boiler put into operation, such as a party soon have maintained cooperative attitude, patience, careful. To ensure long-term stability of the latter part of the boiler operation, fast boiler technician fireman's gave us a free people to do the training, precautions and reduce the accident rate method full guidance boiler operation. --customer feedback


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