8 Ton Per Hour Steam Boiler

8 Ton Per Hour Steam Boiler

Boiler excess air ratio is too low or too high, what harm? What causes high excess air ratio is? A: The boiler excess air ratio is one of the important characteristics of operational quality, the size value shows the degree of perfection combustion equipment and boiler operation. Excess air ratio is too low, incomplete combustion, increased flue gas of CO, the thermal efficiency is reduced; the excess air ratio is too high, the cold air does not participate in the combustion reaction in a large amount into the furnace, furnace temperature to drop, complete combustion. Also part of this excess of air also absorbs heat warming, and to take away the heat with the flue gas, reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Therefore, a reasonable excess air ratio should not only ensure complete combustion of the fuel, but also can minimize the heat loss. Many cities now used in the boilers, a high excess air ratio, is because: (1) mechanical ventilation mismatches, to the excessive wind; (2) a furnace body, door, etc. leakage; (3) a flue, purification device air leakage.

The boiler is to promote the energy source of the energy economy of power, to bring convenience to people's lives at the same time, boiler emissions also increased air pollution.

Select condensing boiler, give users any significant benefit "condensing boiler" As a new boiler, in recent years, and gradually into the public view and has been used, but there are still many users are not very understanding of condensing boilers, to choose whether you want to condensing boiler as a corporate power and energy more hesitant. In fact, the condensing boiler uses a new technology, which is condensing technology, condensing boiler and combustion principle premix combustion air and gas mixing ratio in accordance with the best combustion efficiency is improved. Next, fast boiler will introduce condensing boilers What are the advantages, select it, and give users any significant benefit. 1, modular division, simple operation simple terms, is to a large overall capacity of the boiler in accordance with the rules into a number of small capacity boilers, this is the boiler module. Thus it can be said boiler module by the number of "simple parallel combination" may reach the size of any single boiler, and can reduce maintenance cost, boiler house part of the system (including soft water preparation system, automatic control system, a gas system, etc.) near to smart, no special guard, can effectively reduce the management and staff labor costs. 2, low load, high load output efficiency condensing boiler, the higher the efficiency; the lower the contrary. Therefore condensing boiler at low load, high efficiency operation, and the higher annual average efficiency, not only saves energy consumption, but also reduces the cost of running late. 3, premix combustion system efficiency depends on the mixing ratio of the combustion gas and air and a combustor quality, variable frequency fan condensing boiler technology, according to the load demand, the flexible adjustment of the air amount; while adjusting the amount of gas condensing boiler precise adjustment techniques ratio both remain at the optimum mixture ratio, to ensure complete combustion. Unique water-cooled burners, the flame temperature is rapidly lowered, improve the combustion efficiency while ensuring low emissions of harmful substances. From the advantages of condensing boilers above three aspects, factory direct sales of condensing boilers can provide more heat in the boiler on the same fuel consumption, but also has a condensing boiler environmental protection, energy conservation, safety of many advantages, but in today's resources so tight under the situation, the condensing boiler will certainly come out on top in the market, more and more use.

First Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu fully implement the national environmental protection policies, strict screening of clean boiler as the supply of medical supplies disinfection and ward heating equipment. Fast boiler with its focus on research and development of clean-type gas boiler two decades of experience in the industry favored. The partnership, to provide fast boiler First Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu Medical College, a WNS20-1.25-YQ one condensing 8 ton per hour steam boiler, in terms of design, manufacture, installation and other aspects of strict checks to enhance the thermal efficiency of the boiler as well as truly Energy saving and environmental protection.


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Biomass boilers are sometimes co-fired with natural gas or fuel oil for either flame stabilization and/or emissions reductions. Biomass boilers are typically rated in tons per hour or tons per day of fuel consumption, in addition to boiler horse power output or thousands of pounds of steam per hour output.

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For the low-pressure steam typically used in heating systems, that ratio is 1,194 BTUs for every pound of steam the system provides. If your boiler supplies 400 pounds of steam per hour, for example, you would multiply 400 pounds by 1,194 to arrive at a figure of 477,600 BTUs.

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