Steam Generation In Water Tube Boiler

Steam Generation In Water Tube Boiler

So, these intelligent gas steam generation in water tube boiler automatic control is how to do it?

In boilers with automatic control systems, built-in temperature sensor, corresponding to our eyes These sensors work in the case of boiler operation can be transferred to the boiler by means of the controller data. For example, a boiler with a set temperature of 55 ℃, a temperature sensor in the boiler furnace temperature acquired at this time is 40 ℃ boiler runtime. After sending the temperature data to the controller determines the control temperature is far from the set temperature, so the controlled state of the burner fire continues to heat the water in the boiler.

What are the benefits of using the bottom of the steam heating have? What are the precautions? Promote water circulation established in advance (L), to reduce the temperature difference between upper and lower walls of the drum: 1, in the early ignition prior to cold start or steam generation in water tube boiler, steam-heated cast with the bottom has the following advantages. (2) shorten the start-up process, start the process of reducing fuel consumption. (3) water-cooled wall since the heating surface is heated to improve the furnace temperature, is conducive to early ignition combustion of oil. (4) easier to meet the requirements of the boiler steam drum wall temperature at the pressure test. 2, using the bottom of the steam heating the following should be noted: before administration with the bottom of steam heated, the first hydrophobic vapor source conduit exhausted, and then put into use. With little initial investment should be moved into the steam valve, to prevent excessive vibration, and then gradually turn up in accordance with heated and open enough. Put into use during the steam supply pressure should pay attention to the difference with the furnace drum pressure, especially after the boiler ignition boost should pay attention to the difference of not less than 0.5MPa, should be promptly splitting up if this value , water was poured into the pot to prevent the backup source steam main pipe.

Boiler room can not be ignored security arrangement steam generation in water tube boiler room layout: (1) general boiler should be installed in a special boiler room, rather than in densely populated rooms (such as bathrooms, classrooms, restaurants, audience room, conference rooms, waiting rooms, etc.) , or above or below, the sides of the main evacuation outlet; boiler. The room should not be near a crowded room. (2) when the boiler room is connected to the plant or production equipment, the boiler room must meet the requirements of "Boiler Safety Supervision" and "fire safety norms". (3) boiler room should have sufficient light and good ventilation, as well as the necessary cooling and freezing measures. Device is arranged to be easy to operate, and maintenance channel. (4) outside the boiler room door should be open during boiler operation, the door may not be locked or occupation; boiler room or living room doors should open the boiler room. Boiler room entrance should be accessible. (5) the operating site of the boiler room, and a water level meter, pressure gauges, thermometers, flow meters, etc., shall be provided with adequate lighting. Should spare boiler room lighting or tools.

Around the city to promote the coal to gas project, the major institutions of the heating system put forward higher requirements. Central Conservatory of Music is available to students and teachers clean, safe, comfortable, energy-efficient heating environment, protect the health of teachers and students, to transform the traditional steam generation in water tube boiler treatment. Praise fast boiler Willie sharp series obtained in the transformation of low nitrogen boiler major institutions in Beijing, the Central Conservatory of Music in late 2017 with the signing of fast boiler boiler purchase contract, ordered six Willy sharp series V6-99, to for the entire school's heating facilities.


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