Paddyhuskrice Hull Steam Boiler

Paddyhuskrice Hull Steam Boiler

Present during food factory boiler shutdown problems and the presence of food plants during the cause of corrosion problems and corrosion of boiler shutdown reasons. In the detection process of industrial boilers, we found a large boiler within a year than their long working hours, but the boiler corrosion and maintenance during the shutdown has not taken seriously enough. Boiler maintenance is directly related to the life of the boiler. 1, there is the food plant boiler shutdown problems during the inspection process, often see a number of small workshops, small business operation is not standard, boiler boiler stops during maintenance work is not in place. Vertical pipes fixed furnace LSG0.2-0.4-AII on September 12, 2015 put into operation. Semi-open boiler room, there are three annular wall. Is unshielded side, top covered with the boiler steel tile color, but some damage. Stop the stove without any treatment until the check fugitive emissions so far. Test found the following problems: ① the heat insulation breakage outer layer, local corrosion 0.5mm.

Condensing gas boiler combustion adjustment sense of mission and purpose 1. What is the main task of condensing gas boiler combustion adjustment is? The main task is to adjust the combustion at the same time meet the needs of external load amount of steam and qualified steam quality, safety and economy of boiler operation. 2. What is the boiler combustion adjustment experiment? There are plans to change some tunable parameters and control (ie, fuel supply mode and Air Distribution), on the combustion conditions to do a comprehensive adjustment and some individual indicators measured value, then the results will be made of the scientific analysis, from economic, security aspects are compared to determine the best way to run the whole operating characteristics and school equipment, such as testing, measuring and analysis work for the boiler combustion adjustment test. 3. condensing gas boiler combustion adjustment What is the meaning and purpose of the test? Boiler combustion adjustment experiment is designed to explore the operating characteristics and laws of the boiler, to determine the safety economic operation of boiler fuel in existing equipment and the nature of the conditions by testing. More comprehensive adjustment by burning test can be obtained on the economic characteristics condensing gas boiler at optimum mode of operation (including fuel, air, smoke, sodas and operating parameters of the working fluid and the boiler efficiency, Auxiliary indicators), provide the basis for strengthening the technical management of power plants, control equipment performance, the development of operational procedures, into the combustion automatic control system as well as good economic dispatch of the whole plant. Combustion Tuning Test purpose is to master the technical and economic characteristics of the condensing gas boiler operation, to determine the best way to run the boiler combustion system and various changes in the laws affecting factors, so as to ensure safe and economical operation of the boiler unit.

The main difference between water-tube boilers and fire tube boilers What? Water and fire tube inside a tube with medium to define water pipe inside the water to go through the external flue gas convection / radiation heat transfer tube fire tube heating tube inside the flue let go of flue gas heating tube external medium to achieve a simple heat exchange tube boiler water and steam structural changes in a large volume good good adaptability to the structure of a load lower than the quality requirements of water tube boilers are used for small enterprises and domestic production process water tube boiler heating the heating surface is arranged to facilitate heat transfer performance higher for the large capacity and high water quality parameters and operating conditions on the level of requirements (1) to adapt to a wider range of water tube boiler pressure breakthrough pressure of 2.5MPa for reference by limiting meet fire tube boiler steam requirements by the pressure limit for the wall thickness of the material under 2.5MPa pressure (2) fire tube boiler shell type boiler manufacturers of each of the boilers by the current equipment, tooling fabrication limitations too large fire-tube boiler generally difficult 35t / h boiler at boiler water tube structures on large-scale boiler 35t / h commonly used tube structure (3) fire tube boiler with a compact shape and the output characteristics of the same device are lower than the fire tube boiler by weight of water-tube boiler due to bulk More space for arranging large superheater tube boiler thus occupy a relatively large boiler room

Hot water boiler is the essential equipment of our hotel, one of the parties to provide fast condensing pressure hot water boiler immediate operational effect. Our demand for environmentally friendly and out of the hotel itself, very high environmental performance requirements for boilers, party fast products fully meet our needs, the index after testing are in line with the relevant provisions of the State; with the outside atmospheric pressure remains stable sufficiently improved security index boiler, eliminating our worries. --customer feedback


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