The Projected Boiler Bp 10001 11 Ts

The Projected Boiler Bp 10001 11 Ts

Phenomenon the projected boiler bp 10001 11 ts full of water, causes and how to deal with? Phenomenon boiler full of water, causes and how to deal with? Boiler filled with water phenomena: (1) the water level is not visible or not, a high level alarm; (2) steam temperature decreases, main steam isolation valves and the turbine inlet valves visible white steam; (3) turbine or steam pipes occur water hammer; (4) water flow is not larger than the normal steam flow. Boiler full of water: (1) water supply is automatically jump manually, resulting in abnormal increase of water supply; (2) or the drum set safety valve on the steam header, or causing the water level to rise with water; (3) boiler evaporation overloading or more, it occurred priming. Boiler full of water: When the steam pressure in the boiler and pressure to normal, while the drum water level rises, exceeds + 50mm, should take the following measures: (1) were compared with two wash drum water level gauge to check its instructions is it right or not. (2) from the automatic to manual adjustment of water supply, water supply and close the door manually turned down and to reduce the total water supply amount adjusting gate. After treatment as above, within the drum water level is still rising, exceeds + 75mm, should be carried out the following measures: (1) to open the door for emergency drain drum should be put to the normal water level water level shut down immediately. (2) The steam temperature, the heated reducing or closing off the small door, door open and main steam superheater tubes hydrophobic hydrophobic gate. When the treated drum water level continues to rise, and exceeded the upper drum water level meter water level visible, on emergency shutdown, as soon as possible with the main pipe splitting, immediately stop the water, recycled to open doors, turn on the water to strengthen the boiler and steam drum note an upper level of the water table appears to be put to the normal water level off. Standby normal furnace, to obtain the consent of value, according to Stoke furnace operation. As the water level in the steam drum water level tables invisible, not in time, should take the following measures: (1) were compared with two wash drum water level table, check the instructions are correct. Full drum water level tables turn on the water door, turn on the water and then slowly close its doors, as there is water in the water table appears, and water levels continue to rise full of tables full of water and has not been proven boiler water level gauge steam over the side of the tube, press the emergency shutdown process. (2) open the door turn on the water table level, and slow to close its doors after the turn on the water, the water level in the water table invisible. To prove a serious full of water, soda and then close the door, turn on the water to open the door, the water level of the water table memory after the release to do, turn on the water shut the door immediately. Ajar quickly and valve inner water table level occurs, and filled with water, before this time has exceeded the determination level of the steam drum level side through the tube sheet, emergency shutdown should be treated as soon as possible and the manifold splitting. (3) When the water level in the boiler accident occurs, it is difficult to judge if the water level should be shutdown immediately. After the shutdown called by the water method called water, check the water level in the drum.

Water pipeline gas the projected boiler bp 10001 11 ts gas boiler solutions often applied to colleges, hotels, guesthouses and some of crowded places, in the course of its pipeline water shortages will occur, we are faced with this phenomenon should be promptly resolved to find fault then, the following gave us a presentation device piping water solution: 1, the pump for a long time because there is no lock ① If the input voltage water pump, it may not turn to lock, unscrew the slotted screws on the pump, with the word screwdriver to move the pump shaft, the pump rotor is rotated can be restored to normal. ② If the pump is not locked and, for the water pump burned with a multimeter to detect open or short water pump, water pump replacement. 2, the pump power supply line with a multimeter detecting ① off gas boiler pump output power is normal, the contact is good. ② If the controller does not have an output voltage that is out of order, replace the controller. ③ off to re-engage good, bad contact to make good contact on the replacement of lead wire is disconnected. ④ If the controller output voltage, no power pump connector is off, the contact wire is disconnected or not. Gas boiler pipe water shortages more common occurrence, we only know the cause of the malfunction in order to better solve the problem, if this problem occurs again we can first find fault according to the phenomenon and make a resolve to reduce the damage to the equipment.

You do not know, the working principles of steam the projected boiler bp 10001 11 ts: Steam boilers in various industries of basic necessities have been large-scale use is the main driver of industrial production. Many people know that steam boiler through fuel combustion releases heat, coupled with the hot water output temperature steam; but the details are poorly understood. As the saying goes: success depends on details, only a real understanding of the steam boiler, let it get to maximum efficiency.

At the end of 2017, China Guodian is located in Jiangxi Province Wanan Hydropower Plant After evaluating the situation, some of the steam the projected boiler bp 10001 11 ts used to purchase much-needed daily work. Sales Manager fast boiler combined with the actual situation of the power plant for its recommendation 2 0.5 tons of electrically heated steam boilers.


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