Waste Heat Boiler Manufacturer In Serbia

Waste Heat Boiler Manufacturer In Serbia

First, a user should choose a suitable antifreeze as the case of the gas hot water waste heat boiler manufacturer in serbia plumbing system. Many gas hot water boilers and plumbing systems used aluminum alloy material may be selected silicate antifreeze; however, the system for cast iron, it is necessary to add corrosion inhibitors, PH value is adjusted to between 8-9.

The reasons for failure of imported gas waste heat boiler manufacturer in serbia Analysis: Our country is a developing country, is also the world's production of boilers and boiler use than any other country. In recent years, although economic development, people are increasingly aware of the harm caused by pollution, with the implementation of the western development strategy, the environmental protection department of coal-fired boiler renovation project, due to the abundant gas resources, less pollution, so the gas boiler has been It has been widely applied to various industries, not only production, but also our lives. Gas boiler installed in our country, some is imported boilers, but sometimes there will be substandard imported boiler problems, is this why? Qingdao Tsing Yi gas boiler resolve to solve this problem.

How the thermal efficiency of the waste heat boiler manufacturer in serbia in order to improve the TSGG0003-2010 "industrial boilers energy efficiency testing and evaluation rules" calculated in the thermal efficiency point of view: the thermal efficiency of the boiler ηj = 100% - (q2 + q3 + q4 + q5 + q6) where: Q2 is the exhaust heat loss, q3 incomplete combustion gas heat losses, q4 solid incomplete combustion heat loss, q5 is heat loss, q6 ash material is heat loss. To save fuel, improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, common measures are the following: 1, the use of flue gas heat recovery technology to reduce exhaust loss of the main factors influencing the heat loss is the exhaust gas temperature. The higher the exhaust gas temperature, the greater heat losses. Currently, when most of the new boiler factory is equipped with flue gas heat recovery unit, such as economizers, half or full condensation condensing flue gas heat recovery device, these measures can effectively reduce exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. 2, reasonable control air-fuel ratio, to optimize combustion and reduce the loss of incomplete combustion when the heat losses and the excess air coefficient is too high, excess equivalent of inhaled cold air into the furnace, this part of the cold air does not participate in the combustion of the excess, but vain drained after being heated, heat losses increase; cold air into the furnace as to continue to increase beyond a certain limit, the furnace temperature will be lowered, incomplete combustion can also cause loss increases. When the excess air coefficient is too low, the fuel can not get enough oxygen for complete combustion, resulting in incomplete combustion loss increases. The long-term severe incomplete combustion, boiler heating surface will result in carbon impact heat transfer efficiency, continues to increase exhaust losses. Therefore, the reasonable control of the air-fuel ratio to minimize heat losses and incomplete combustion losses q2 q3, is another key point to enhance the thermal efficiency of the boiler. 3, strict control of boiler water, boiler scale control SCIENCES water will contain various impurities and calcium and magnesium scale substances, boiler fouling inevitably. Low thermal conductivity of the scale, so that once the heating surface fouling due to increased thermal resistance, boiler exhaust gas temperature rises, heat losses will increase. Test data indicate that the boiler heating surface junction 1mm scale, heat losses will increase from about 2% to 4%, the thicker the scale boiler heating surface, the greater the resistance, the thermal efficiency of the boiler will be lowered more. Boiler fouling not only reduces the thermal efficiency of the boiler, and the boiler Heating Surface temperature rise, causing heating surface damage, and even cause boiler explosion. Therefore, high-quality soft water treatment apparatus, in strict accordance with the process operating boiler feed water softening devices, the control of boiler feed water quality, can delay scale formation. Meanwhile, boiler scale control in real time to master the situation boiler scale, a scale clean-up, if necessary, is also very important. 4, strengthen the insulation, to prevent leaking, reduce heat loss due to the boiler, the temperature of soda heat pipe system is better than the boiler room air temperature is high, some of the heat will be dissipated to the ambient air by radiation and convection, heat radiating boiler loss. Accordingly, when the insulation layer and the heat pipe boiler systems found damaged or leaking, it should be repaired, to reduce heat loss.

Anyang City Minshan Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd. is a collection of urban mining, renewable resources, energy as one of the economic wisdom of cleaning companies, mainly non-ferrous metal extraction and processing work. Company to conserve energy, cleaner production for the purpose of this concept coincides with the fast waste heat boiler manufacturer in serbia. Thus, when the company in the purchase of the product boiler, and fast boiler almost hit it off, by the party to provide a fast 6 tons of steam integrally condensing gas steam boiler (WNS6-1.25.Y.Q).


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