Beater Mill Lignite Boiler

Beater Mill Lignite Boiler

The electric beater mill lignite boiler takes the electric energy as the energy, does not have the noise, absolutely does not pollute. Using high quality copper heating tube, the surface heat load is low and the thermal efficiency is high. Adopt high-grade centrifugal glass cotton multi-layer heat preservation, imported color board outer packaging; The living body packing cover is used at both ends to facilitate installation and maintenance. 1, the advanced copper electric heating tube is adopted, its surface load is low, its service life is long. 2, the boiler soft-start soft-switch constant temperature operation, the operation load regulation range is large, the adjustment speed is fast, The operation is simple. 3, the heating element automatically adjusts the constant temperature according to the temperature difference and the change of load, and can automatically convert the input sequence, which not only saves energy consumption, but also balances the running time of each set of heating tubes Therefore, the life of uniform heating tube. 4, manual remote control integrated, using SPWM control scheme and digital power regulation soft adjustment technology combined. 5, the use of advanced computer boiler controller, with reliable performance, high degree of automation, The utility model has the advantages of convenient use and other advantages. 6. The boiler uses high-quality products both at home and abroad and has been tested by the furnace to ensure the long-term normal operation of the boiler.

Causes and treatment of food plant steam beater mill lignite boiler noise generation: causes and treatment of the causes and treatment of food plants steam boilers food factory steam boiler occurrence of noise generated noise, noise, industrial steam boiler blower occurred mainly because the air stir fans caused noise, and the noise of conflict between the rotor and the stator of the noise, the work group formed sensation, this is because the noise of the mechanical movement occurs, soundproof chamber can be processed by the method of the blower into the inside. The reason food factory steam boiler occurrence of noise: After completion of the use of industrial boilers, exhaust process, because the high temperature high pressure gas, occurred when the jet noise erupted into the atmosphere. Announced boiler pump noise: This is because the noise occurs by the periodic pulsation of the water in the euploid speed, turbulence generated by the pump at a high flow rate is probably generated by cavitation in the pump system; noise structure of the pump is made mechanical oscillations or oscillations in the tube and the liquid pump pulsation induced in the formation.

First of all, you must be familiar with the use manual before operating the beater mill lignite boiler. It is essential to protect the operator's safety and the normal use of the equipment, check the power supply, voltage and water supply before starting, and close the sewage valve to open the water supply valve. Check if the pump is stuck, remove the rear cover of the air vane, roll the motor shaft to the flexible state, turn off the power supply when checking the boiler or replace the parts so as to avoid the danger caused by live work.

Thirteen Five release plan indicates that China's move towards green development pace firmer, Beijing SASAC Building Materials Service Center from its start, the use of green beater mill lignite boiler heating for low nitrogen as the primary task before the onset of winter. SAC Building Materials authorities after preliminary investigation and after the screening, the other fast boiler R & D experience in the field of boiler cleaning two decades expressed appreciation can, in August 2017 signed a five Thalia T6 series one boiler and two vacuum with fast Boiler condensing gas boiler products contract.


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Beater wheel mills in lignite power stations usually have a flue gas recirculation duct which allows the use of hot flue gas to dry the lignite during the grinding process. The beater wheel itself is grinding element as well as mill fan at the same time.

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