6 Mw Natural Gas Hot Water Boiler Capacity

6 Mw Natural Gas Hot Water Boiler Capacity

You must know the problems of energy consumption boiler (boiler thermal efficiency) 1, because the thermal efficiency of boiler problems of a high exhaust gas temperature. b sootblowers into low. c ash combustible large. d is too large or too small boiler oxygen. e heat loss is large. f large air preheater air leakage rate. g coarse pulverized coal. h steam - water quality is poor. I defective equipment, operating parameters are forced down. 2, measures to solve the problem of a lower exhaust gas temperature. b timely elimination of soot blowers defects and improve the investment rate of soot blowers. c reduce fuel ash, slag combustibles. d control the amount of oxygen in the boiler. e reduce heat loss. f air preheater to reduce air leakage rate. g qualified coal fineness control. h to improve the quality of soft drinks. i According to circumstances, the boiler heating surface adjustment arrangement. J burner when necessary transformation to fit the gaseous fuel.

Several factors need Behold chemical plant chemical plant when the boiler needs to behold select several factors when choosing a boiler? Industrial boilers use classification, it can generally be divided into two categories. A method for power and one for vapor. Now, most industrial boilers mainly coal and natural gas are complementary. At present, China's industrial boiler market has become saturated. In this market environment, which factors in the choice of buying chemical companies pay attention to industrial boilers should be? Several factors need to see which chemical selecting a boiler, see the big difference between the boiler manufacturer normality ordinary industrial boilers and industrial boilers that are used in industrial boilers, the boiler typically used to boil water bath and small completely different . Use requirements of industrial production it has sufficient quality assurance to meet its industrial needs. So when we choose to buy, be sure to select large conventional and reliable manufacturer of industrial boilers to buy. Second, the praise of the user to see the boiler user feedback feedback information is sometimes more closely related to the product itself. A high-quality product must be highly praised user feedback. Therefore, the evaluation of the boiler industry is very user reference value. Purchasing boiler chemical plant personnel prior to purchase, you can grab its rating from a number of channels, in order to buy high-quality industrial boilers. Third, to see whether the security sufficiently high boiler industrial boilers as a large industrial equipment, often used in industrial production, special attention should its safety to reduce unnecessary hazardous situation. Therefore, it requires us to buy industrial boilers, it should give top priority to the safety element, and it is our first important factor.

Impact of 6 mw hot water boiler capacity energy consumption indicators of a number of things because China has been working to coal to gas roaring blaze of glory, the choice of hot water boiler, a very large reduction of dust contamination, together with nitric oxide and other gases affect health the smoke get suppressed. Energy consumption index is an important measure of labeled water boiler, behind a number of things we look at the impact of energy consumption indicators due to hot water boiler. After study of the persons concerned, and hot water boilers consume more important comes from two places: the ideal ratio is not sufficient combustion air flue gas emissions as well as waste heat. Reduce flue gas emissions can be equipped with a waste heat chimney latent heat recovery equipment in the tail of hot water boiler, or choose a more leading boiler system FGR. The combustion air is not fully over the inappropriate induction ratio: usually hot water boiler combustion machine ejector, formed air-fuel ratio can not be automatically scheduled. A majority of the hot water boiler using a mechanical blower burner, causing the air-fuel ratio is not ideal because there is something behind several aspects: air-fuel ratio is not ideal for the more important can be divided into two conditions: when too much air, there will be a large number of excessive cold air is heated, resulting in improving the energy consumption of hot water boilers, hot water boiler energy consumption index dropped; when there is insufficient air, to produce incomplete combustion conditions, hot water boiler energy consumption indicators declined.

After installation and commissioning fast Boiler professional and technical personnel, two 6 mw hot water boiler capacitys to provide our bodies quickly into the orbit of the normal operation. Meanwhile, the design of energy-saving equipment also effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, saved us a huge amount of fuel costs. --customer feedback


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