Industrial Boiler Brands

Industrial Boiler Brands

In addition to transforming the traditional industrial coal-fired industrial boiler brands into a natural gas steam boiler, the following natural gas steam boiler energy-saving measures can also be taken in the operation of the natural gas steam boiler.

1. Reasonable selection of the rated power of the natural gas steam boiler: According to the amount of steam needed in industrial production, the rated power of natural gas steam boiler and the number of boiler stations are reasonably selected. The higher the matching degree with the actual use, the smaller the exhaust loss, and the more obvious the energy saving will be.

2. Full contact of fuel with air: The optimum proportion of fuel and air can not only improve the combustion efficiency of fuel, but also reduce the emission of polluting gases, and achieve the goal of double energy saving.

3. Reduce the exhaust temperature of the natural gas steam boiler: The efficiency of the boiler is 85% and the exhaust temperature is 220? 230 ℃ when the waste heat produced in the exhaust gas is used to reduce the flue gas temperature of the boiler. The efficiency of the boiler is 85% and the exhaust temperature of the boiler is 220 ℃. The boiler efficiency can be increased to 90% by setting the economizer and so on, when the exhaust heat is used, the exhaust temperature is reduced to 140 °C and the boiler efficiency is increased to 90%.

4. Recovery of heat from boiler sewage: The purpose of energy saving of natural gas steam boiler is to raise the feed water temperature of pruriant water by heat exchange and utilize the heat in continuous discharge water.

The transformation of the industrial boiler brands project to a professional experienced boiler company, either from benefits or safety performance are guaranteed a great extent. But users should also note that three matters in the transformation of the boiler must be noted.

Steam industrial boiler brands and hot water boiler inspection and sludge screw pump works fast boiler's Henan Xiao Bian now introduce steam boiler and hot water boiler inspection and sludge screw pump working principle On the steam boiler and hot water boiler inspection three major step routine testing is the most basic test. Because of internal and external boiler as a whole, we must first conduct a basic test. Routine testing basic skills test is working boiler, thus requiring inspectors should have more extensive testing and analytical skills. First, inspectors steam boiler and hot water boiler in the boiler inspection, they should prepare the following tools: 1,0.25-0.5 kilogram pointed a hammer; section 2, a good three flashlight; 3,155 mm ruler one; 4,2 meters a steel tape; 5,310-500 mm a straight ruler; 6,5-20 each a magnifying glass and a mirror; a 71.3 mm inner and outer calipers; 8, self-arc a small model scale and a soft curve; 9, an ultrasonic thickness gauge; 10, recording tools and protective equipment I. Second, the steam boiler and hot water boiler Appearance test: test boiler body structure and the respective pressure element is reasonable, the presence of any defects and welding pressure element metal surface joints, such as corrosion, wear, cracks or obvious from the groove, modification, bracing and without fracture connecting seam, weld surface defect status. When tested suspected crack may occur somewhere, But, it can not verify visually, then you can use a solution of nitric acid concentration of 10% of the erosion of the suspicious place, wipe, and then observed with a magnifying glass to determine whether a crack. There swag scale adhered to the steel sheet needs to be tested when the test hammer tip may be used to scale, rust knock, carefully tested after wiping. Third, the hot water boiler steam boiler and hammering inspection: when testing, with the test hammer percussion pressure receiving portion being tested member, tactile feel with auditory, visual inspection methods to determine the presence or absence of a defect. Proper understanding of this method, the degree of judgment to do right, is basic reaction boiler inspector whether a solid aspect. Test hammer test used, is a flat round, the other end is pointed, with a handle made of solid material adjacent to a hammerhead neck portion of the handle to the car, so that when in use the handle on the flexible, in order to increase feel stretch back to size to determine the test case. Sludge is the use of a screw intermeshing screws or the volume number of the change in absorption, the volume of the liquid discharge pump rotor. Active screw extending through the pump housing by a prime mover driving the stuffing box. Active driven screw and screw threaded in the opposite, a left-hand thread, the other a right-hand thread. Sludge screw having a wide flow range, the discharge pressure, high efficiency and stable characteristics of the work, but the process is complicated and the manufacturing cost. It is suitable for transporting oily liquids, also gas-liquid mixed phase fluid transport, the high viscosity fluid, such as acrylic slurry, etc., it is widely used in the oil, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber production. Henan is committed to fast boiler steam boiler manufacturing, product quality, reasonable prices and widespread industry praise, if you have any needs, please contact us!

After use throughout the winter, the Central Conservatory of Music give us feedback, six V6-99 fully meet the heating needs of the school. And industrial boiler brands fuel and water requirements are not high, urban water and low-pressure natural gas combustion can operate. The most important point is that nitrogen oxide emissions are very low and very happy to recommend it to others to do the brother of boiler units. --customer feedback


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