Boiler Repair And Maintenance

Boiler Repair And Maintenance

szs water tube boiler repair and maintenance induced draft fan needs it? For now the commonly used boiler needs to be equipped with the induced draft fan according to the scene. Further, depending on the type of fuel, the proportion of the air required for combustion is slightly larger. For example, an air ratio of gas per cubic meter of gas demand 1:10 10 m3 air, one ton boiler 700 kilowatts and 66 cubic meters of gas required for combustion air 660 m3. In ensuring the pressure in the boiler furnace micro auxiliary premise than 660 cubic meters per hour can be configured induced draft fan. szs water tube boiler induced draft fan needs it? At the same time, it has estimated air volume and tonnage of the boiler boiler directly related to the amount of smoke that is directly related to: the estimated amount of gas stratified combustion tonnage of each boiler boiler of 1250 cubic meters per hour, when air leakage coefficient of 1.55, when the exhaust gas temperature is 200 degrees, the flue gas volume of about 2500 m3 / hr. Conventional supporting the motor power as follows: One ton of 5.5 kilowatts, 1.1 kilowatts draft fan boiler blower to blower 11KW 2 t, t to blower fan 3KW4 22kW, 37kW inducer blower 5.5kW6T boiler, boiler fan blower 7.5KW10 tons 45kW, fans 15kW20 tons 90 kW boiler induced draft fan blower 55kw

Natural gas boiler repair and maintenance Introduction: natural gas gas boiler Description: natural gas boiler glass wool insulation as a whole body type, light weight, good insulation effect, the less heat loss. White color board packaging, nice, closed Haonai corrosion, mechatronics, small footprint, and easy to use. Gas-fired boiler widely used in supermarkets, hospitals, schools, hotels, residential, bath center, fully automated for the user to provide bathing water or heating, domestic hot water.

Heating the dispersion characteristics and dispersion purposes Henan Henan dispersed gas boiler repair and maintenance heating gas boiler for the modular heating and central heating dispersion, a building unit, a construction using a gas heating boiler heating as modules (also referred to as a gas-fired heating unit) . Properties using the same plurality of adjacent chambers used for construction of a gas heating boiler called decentralized central heating, characterized by a direct supply a heating network. 1, Henan dispersed gas heating boiler characteristics A, using the advantages: the construction of flexible gas boiler centralized management, easy maintenance. Each heating system for small size, easy to adjust and control. For the use of the same building properties, especially in schools, office buildings and other public buildings, in accordance with this embodiment using the heating characteristics of the construction, and to adjust the heating temperature and the heating time control, particularly without frost or freezing short time region, in accordance with schedule control heating time is very effective. No night or on holidays may reduce or stop the heating temperature of the heating, gas and operating cost savings. Small external network, without intermediate heat transfer station, heat loss or power consumption is small, easy to overcome the hydraulic imbalance, energy conservation, integrated heating efficiency is generally between 80% to 90%, are dispersed heating, in Europe, the United States and is a widely for the popular heating methods. Flue gas emissions can be concentrated. B, there is a drawback: occupy separate boiler room, boilers and boiler heat loss can not be utilized. Residential buildings can not be directly implemented for metering, unregulated terminal apparatus, when the room is overheated, the heat dissipation surface is not critical to the user a small window heating, a part of the heat loss is generally 8% to 15%, but lower than the gas boiler heating region, heating efficiency is lower than a single household heating, boiler heating zone above. The number of boilers and more decentralized management. NOX emissions higher than the total domestic gas boiler heating. 2, Henan dispersed gas boiler heating energy consumption due to heat loss outside the network, but also higher than the average temperature of the heating gas boiler single-family household heating, is generally not provided with a control terminal means for generating some heat loss. According to a sample survey Beijing is decentralized heating gas consumption indicators 9-12m3 / m2. Architectural reasons mainly affects the gas consumption index indoor temperature, maintaining the size of the area facade insulation and sealing performance of the structure, building, heat loss outside the network, adjusting the thermal efficiency of the heating system operating mode and the like of the boiler. 3, Henan dispersed gas boiler heating heating methods to use this public building, commercial building heating and central residential area very suitable. In operation, the control architecture based on the use of heating temperature and heating time, save gas, reduce pollution emissions, reduce operating costs.

Fast boiler repair and maintenance strong technical team and perfect after-sales service to our left a deep impression, the successful completion of the boiler installation and commissioning work at a predetermined period. The company offered me two Taipower heating steam boilers, combined with the actual situation of our company, as we save a lot of fuel costs, thanks to fast boiler provides us with such high-quality products and peace of mind. --customer feedback


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