Electricity Fuel Hot Water Boiler

Electricity Fuel Hot Water Boiler

Use vertical hot water electricity fuel hot water boiler needs to understand what issues suggest that you be sure to choose a professional operator to care, although the moment vertical hot water boiler can already be fully automated intelligent operation, but the operator on duty is important, just like this quickly discovered when unexpected circumstances, we can put an end to cause more severe loss to prevent unexpected cause. Steam boiler must know which local gas boilers | oil-fired boilers | steam boiler Environmental Equipment Co., suggested that everyone must have the experience to pick staff to guard, even though the moment may have reached a steam boiler automatic intelligent operation, but the staff still on duty It is necessary, so that timely notice in the event of unexpected problems can lead to greater reduction of wear and tear, to guard against any eventuality produce.

To stop running after the electricity fuel hot water boiler flameout, why fans need to continue ventilation 5min? Since the flame shutdown process, since the furnace temperature is lowered, the combustion unstable, so that incomplete combustion of fuel increases, the fuel remaining in the furnace and the flue waste heat of the furnace under heating, then combustion will produce a direct threat to the safety of boiler equipment. So turn off the boiler, ventilation fans continue for some time to take away the fuel in the furnace, but ventilation time not too long, otherwise due to the large amount of cold air directly into the furnace, make the furnace, flues and various heating surface is rapidly cooled contraction, resulting in damage. Therefore, the boiler flame, the ventilation fans continue 5min stopped, and then close the shutter smoke duct, so that the furnace and the flue is in the closed state, and also continues to monitor the flue gas temperature to prevent the pump do not re-combustibles combustion.


For improper situation to improve boiler blowdown Boiler Blowdown policy. While having a bottom surface and a continuous periodic blowdown boiler blowdown both devices require at least once per shift sewage, but also for testing of the boiler water every one hour to two hours, analysis of the index meets the relevant standards, if an found in the detection of excessive should immediately adjust the valve until the index reaches the standard.

Due to the special nature of the industrial park location, we are more to consider whether the electricity fuel hot water boiler with green features in the choice of boiler equipment. According to our survey of the entire boiler industry, quick side has considerable experience in research and development in the field of environmental cleaning boilers, boiler equipment while also providing low pollutant emissions for Beijing more enterprises and institutions, we are fully confident that the fast boiler ability. --customer feedback


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