Paper Industry Boiler Great Britain

Paper Industry Boiler Great Britain

Electric hot water paper industry boiler great britain Several common faults and troubleshooting in the boiler market, fast Boiler production of electric hot water boilers due to pollution, no noise, simple operation and other obvious advantages widely loved by customers, can be used as the main heat source heating heating equipment . Many users in the use of electric hot water boilers, boiler water shortage may encounter other unexpected failure or overpressure. Learn electric boiler several common faults and troubleshooting of hot water, as quickly solve the problem, which can effectively avoid significant losses. 1, boiler water boiler water can cause serious damage and deformation pressure parts, if not handled properly boiler explosion may occur. When the file was found boiler water, the water should be prohibited, and to take emergency shutdown measures. Most causes of the accident with water boiler operator error lax paralysis and related operations, or the water table due to the non-clogging rinse measures related failures. 2, Priming Priming occurs when soda, with the following phenomena: water table level volatility, boiler water foaming, with a large amount of water steam, the steam temperature decreases, the water pipe severe shocks occur. The main reason this occurs is that: poor water quality, high salinity or boiler load increases too fast and the like. When a user finds Priming phenomenon, we must strengthen water treatment, and increase the continuous blowdown. 3, boilers overpressure overpressure operation, ranging element will cause deformation, damage connections; also cause severe explosion. The main reason for the occurrence of such cases are: fireman who blindly increase the working pressure or unauthorized absence from work, and sometimes, pressure gauge and relief valve malfunction at the same time can also cause excessive pressure in the boiler harm. Therefore, we must strengthen the inspection of personal responsibility and the fireman safety accessories. 4, when the blast furnace tube furnace tube explosion, along with the significant explosions and steam jet sound; at the same time, the water level and steam pressure will decrease. Where they are found, emergency shutdown action must be taken. Common reasons this happens is: poor water quality caused by the furnace tube fouling or corrosion, water and burst pipes may also reinforce each other. Further, since the design defects, insufficient strength or poor weld quality materials, are likely to lead to tube rupture.

Boiler Safety measures Fangkuai Boiler is a limited liability company engaged in organic heat carrier furnace, molten salt furnace complete sets of engineering design, production, scientific research services and marketing services. The following are the relevant paper industry boiler great britain safety measures collected by the Fangkuai boiler: (1) ensuring equipment safety (2) strict safe operation (3) preventing internal mixing of water or other impurities (4) removing coking, Scaling (5) strengthening safety management (6) installation of safety devices and fire fighting facilities

Analysis of Zhengzhou industrial paper industry boiler great britain scaling the real situation of Zhengzhou industrial boiler scaling the real situation of Zhengzhou industrial boiler scaling analysis of the real situation of large-scale power plant boiler has a full range of water treatment equipment, strict rules, comprehensive and complete laboratory projects and instruments, boiler fouling generally does not occur. Boiler fouling generally occurs in the small industrial boilers, it focuses on scaling the case of industrial boilers, industrial boiler fouling situation has the following characteristics: first, the case of large enterprise scale boiler good small and micro enterprises. More formal management of large enterprises, while the initial investment usually have to buy a full range of water treatment equipment, water treatment procedures are relatively robust and effective implementation, operation and maintenance is relatively routine in place, a high level of knowledge of personnel, personnel to follow procedures operating. Boilers generally not fouling, or some boiler scaling a smaller area of ​​thickness or less, because in the past some units do not attach importance to water treatment, causing boiler fouling, and later after changing ideas, to take measures to strengthen the water treatment operation, the scale can well controlled. And general small and micro enterprises, the concept behind weak management, lack of knowledge, poor management, lax supervision and management of the operator, the operator or lack of knowledge can not strictly enforce the rules, poor sense of responsibility, boiler with drugs or salt supply is not in place, not timely, boiler fouling situation is more common, some scale thickness and area of ​​more than TSGG5003-2008 "boiler chemical cleaning rules" requirement, must be carried out chemical cleaning, and even some of the bottom of the boiler vertical boiler shell filled scale, hand hole can not be opened. Second, some units use surface water such as lakes or reservoirs, due to the large surface water turbidity, hardness is small, in the water treatment measures are not quite perfect, small scale inside the boiler or only some debris, dirt, scale relatively good deal, this case has little effect on boiler operation. And some use of groundwater units, because the larger individual areas of underground water hardness, water treatment measures in place, the boiler heating surface heap knot hard scale, a great impact on the hard dirt boiler thermal conductivity. So different sources of water supply boiler, the boiler can also cause fouling situation is different.

Anyang City Power Supply Bureau as a unit in charge of the sale of electricity in Anyang City, in the choice of the paper industry boiler great britain is more cautious. Based on our understanding and trust, choosing our split condensing steam boiler. Anyang Power Supply Bureau responsible person to us feedback, provide fast side of the boiler with the rest assured, product design everything, we believe that the fast side of the boiler can be used for more than 10 years and even 20 years. --customer feedback


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