Oil Boiler Cost To Replace

Oil Boiler Cost To Replace

Select oil or gas boiler cost to replace, it can not simply decide based on how much the cost, and comprehensive use of their own units comprehensive selection. First need for oil-fired boilers and gas boilers have a clear understanding, and then decide what boiler according to the needs and environmental conditions of their own units, do not listen to other people a few words hastily make a decision.

Using imported burner, automatic programmed control, automatic purge blower, electronic auto-ignition, spontaneous combustion and gas, (air) to automatically adjust the proportion of oil wind, good atomization, combustion, energy saving, have flame protection device ensures combustion safety. Under normal circumstances, the combustor output temperature of the boiler cost to replace with the combustion flame length is automatically adjusted, the outlet temperature of the boiler reaches the set value, the burner combustion is automatically stopped, when the temperature is below the set value, the burner is automatically started. When the abnormal phenomenon of the fuel, air intake, fault lights, the output sequencer will immediately stop the fuel, burner shut down automatically.

The reason the gas boiler cost to replace burner increased noise analysis when making use of the gas boiler and found this small fire normal, but this time turn the fire, extinguished or flashing instability. First speaking, that is because of this fire damper of the air volume setting is too large; i.e. after an oil fire because the micro-switch valve (damper outermost that group) inappropriate setting (set lower than the fire damper of the air flow larger) burner gas noise increases, mostly because the oil shut-off valve which is closed or lack of oil into the oil filter clogging; or, this is because of low temperature into the oil, the viscosity is too high or the pump into the oil temperature is too high; oil pump failure; fan motor bearing damage; there is because the fan impeller dirty equipment resulting in large noise. The above-described failure when using gas boiler, but also because the viscosity is too high oleaginous easy to be atomized (heavy oil); cyclones and because improper disc and the nozzle pitch; Note that because the fire is worn or dirty nipple; also because this preparatory tank the heating temperature is too high, causing the oil pump oil feed steam does not conform; or because the fuel inside the boiler resulting aqueous oil. When the above-described fault gas boiler used to perform this process, the test should be done gradually decreases; after heating temperature should be; adjusting the distance (between 0 ~ 10mm); clean or replace; is set to about 50 deg.] C to about; or drain oil change.

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