Gas Vacuum Hot Water Boiler Prices

Gas Vacuum Hot Water Boiler Prices

Here's a look at what the characteristics of the vacuum boiler. 1, the internal structure will not corrode due to the vacuum boiler negative pressure vacuum state, it is completely isolated from atmospheric pressure, so the configuration of each unit boiler exhaust pump will continue to discharge the steam inside the unit, not within the organization structure caused by corrosion, so the vacuum phase transition boiler in terms of durability performance is quite good. 2, the different secure and normal pressure boilers, vacuum boiler air is evacuated children because the inner container forms a vacuum environment, so its use in the process of working in a vacuum furnace-like body is not generated due to heat expansion, but it does not belong to the pressure container, and therefore there is no risk of explosion.

Compare prices of gas boiler and boiler vacuum pressure boiler 1, the boiler and the boiler safety vacuum pressure of gas boiler price comparison: atmospheric pressure hot water boiler, run, safer, food safety installation required approval; vacuum boiler negative pressure operation, absolute security without food safety regulator for approval to install and does not require annual inspection. 2, the vacuum boiler pressure boiler feature comparison: Direct direct pressure hot water boiler, only way to supply hot water, not pressurized; indirect pressure hot water boiler only single supply hot water, hot water pressure; vacuum hot water boiler prices can be a machine that can simultaneously supply multiple hot water, hot water system pressure 1.0Mpa, high up to 2.0MPa. 3, vacuum pressure boilers with heat boiler comparison mode: pressure hot water boiler with water as heat medium, through the water - water heat exchanger externally heated water; vacuum boiler using high-purity deoxygenated water as heat medium, by steam - water condensation heat transfer external heating hot water. Due to the different thermal medium, it is faster than the boot vacuum hot water boiler pressure hot water boiler. 4, compared to the vacuum boiler with atmospheric life of the boiler: pressure hot water boiler service life of not more than ten years; vacuum hot water boiler due to internal never scaling, the service life of 20 years. 5, the price of gas boiler vacuum boiler pressure boiler installation requirements comparison: multi-pressure boiler equipment, complicated installation, long duration, large investment; vacuum boiler installation is simple and convenient. Pressure hot water boiler so that the boiler room and requires specialized dedicated kotelshchik, the vacuum boiler does not require a dedicated boiler room and kotelshchik, can be installed in the basement, the roof or intermediate floors. 6, the initial vacuum pressure boilers and boiler investment comparison: multi-pressure hot water boiler equipment, initial investment is large; the vacuum boiler because less equipment, installation flexibility, a small room, investment savings of over 30%.

Directly affect the vacuum gas boiler efficiency indicators across the country have been a number of incentives to work coal to natural gas roaring blaze of glory, with a large degree of vacuum gas boiler weakened contaminated dust, while nitric oxide and other toxic gases He gained control of smoke. Efficiency is critical indicators index measure of vacuum gas boiler, joint research subsequent direct impact on a number of incentives vacuum gas boiler efficiency indicators. Inquire by stakeholders, vacuum gas boiler heat losses produced in this Comparative primarily two: the ratio of the combustion air is not sufficient and smoke emission standards thermal runaway. Reduce heat loss of exhaust smoke can be fitted at the end of the vacuum boiler flue gas is recycled back to the heat setter, or with more advanced features of FGR boiler. Standards is not sufficient combustion air induction ratio: Usually gas ejector-based vacuum boiler type burner, forming air-fuel ratio can be automatically adjusted. Many vacuum gas boiler based on a mechanical blower burner, causing air-fuel ratio incentive criteria are as follows: air-fuel ratio of criterion comparative case divided into two categories: When too much air, the cool air may be numerous excess heat, causing energy consumption to improve gas boiler vacuum, vacuum gas boiler efficiency indicators weakened; when the atmosphere is not enough, will have not fully ignite the situation, leading to a vacuum gas boiler efficiency indicators weakened.

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