Natural Gas Steam Boiler Pressure 60 Bar

Natural Gas Steam Boiler Pressure 60 Bar

Which Xining Xining industrial boilers industrial boilers looking to find Which? There are a lot of companies need to produce industrial boilers in Xining area, industrial boilers had previously been dominated by coal, but now the purchase of multi-boiler is gas-based. This is also in line with the requirements of the current environmental policy. For the procurement of industrial boiler business, then Xining region, for businesses can be compared within the boiler manufacturers nationwide. The company Xining After initial screening decision Xianxiang fast boiler manufacturers for consultation. In this regard, fast boiler manufacturers for the accounting data for the current production status of the enterprise Xining, concluded that the plant with 1 table 6 tons of industrial gas steam boiler pressure 60 bar on it. Initially, the company for the transport of Xining boiler still have concerns, however, listened to a detailed introduction side boiler fast personnel of the relevant technology. Completely dispel concerns. At present, the price of the model of industrial steam boiler at around 720,000. Recently, the Xining to fast Boiler companies will conduct field investigation, will talk about specific issues related to time after purchase.

Check gas boiler before the preparation of cease-fire and that the flue slow cooling drum; open all manholes and hand holes in the header of the boiler body; let go of the gas within the boiler drum and water; the boiler combustion chamber, drum , flue ducts thorough cleaning; steam pipeline cleaning and removing rust and scale water; repair or replace a manhole cover; ready safelight, flashlights, test rods, tools and the like. Burner gas is an important part of the boiler, the main control system and combustion system components, the problem lies in easy control cabinet, 1. However, the normal ignition off this failure phenomenon typical cause of several tens of seconds after the self-ignition of the burner flame sensor dirty parts. The flame sensor is a photoresistor when irradiated with light of its own resistance decreases resistance value increases as a state of high impedance low impedance state when the light irradiation. Burner flame sensor controller in accordance with a resistance value to determine whether the process is continued if the combustion stop combustion flame sensor high impedance supply is immediately stopped to prevent the unburned diesel fuel reservoir. Flame sensor probe positioned within the burner duct, since the black smoke, tempering, blowing dust and other reasons that the surface thus losing readily soiling the photosensitive functionality. Check sensor probe, its surface is cleaned with a detergent or alcohol, if necessary. 2. Ignition normal exhaust smoke color but not normal diesel fuel injected into the burner is burning the mixture under stirring, when the appropriate amount of blowing water vapor and CO2 exhaust gas atomization are colorless. When there is insufficient air supply can cause incomplete combustion of diesel soot to form CO and thus give rise to the phenomenon of black smoke exhaust. However, if a strong wind inlet excessive combustion of oil mist may be blown off too late will form white smoke is discharged. Common causes of black smoke exhaust of combustion into the throttle opening is too small, white smoke into the throttle opening is reason to see through the large, two cases should be re-adjusted into the throttle. Exhaust smoke color can be observed while the side damper opening degree until near colorless in exhaust smoke color adjustment. Another reason is that black smoke exhaust poor atomization of diesel, oil mist contained in the larger droplets, can not be sufficiently mixed with the air due to a local incomplete combustion produce soot.

2 t 2 t introduce gas boiler gas boiler burner arranged good technical performance, the use of automatic combustion ratio adjustment, automatically adjust the water supply, the program start and stop, automatic operation and other advanced technology, and having a low water level and low level alarm, high . steam pressure, turn off automatic protection function of the boiler has a compact, safe, reliable, simple, rapid installation, low pollution, low noise, high efficiency features: 2 tons of gas steam boiler pressure 60 bar with a leading domestic level, and industry compared to the same parameters of the boiler, with a compact, power, fast boosting, high thermal efficiency. Advantages: use all wet back shell type pyrotechnic tube structure. This structure because of its compact structure, small footprint, originally applied in the marine boiler. This architecture uses three return, the oil mixed with air or gas well through the atomizing burner, complete combustion in the furnace in a corrugated, folded from the rear chamber into the first tobacco smoke return pipe to the front smoke box to the second return pipe tobacco, cigarette box, is discharged after the last to enter the chimney.

Our jewelry processing company in the automotive production, many processes require energy, to be honest we really a headache on the choice of the boiler, thanks met specializes in the research and production of fast square boiler boiler! The purchase of two Taipower hot water boiler, tangible help us save a lot of costs. --customer feedback


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