Hot Instant Water Boiler Heating System

Hot Instant Water Boiler Heating System

What are the characteristics of the electric normal pressure boiler

Nowadays, the advanced electric atmospheric pressure boiler is a kind of energy conversion equipment, the user inputs certain electric energy to the boiler and outputs the steam, high temperature water or organic heat carrier with certain heat energy after the equipment capacity conversion. But the high-quality electric atmospheric pressure boiler has the wide range of application, the high safety performance and the high thermal efficiency characteristic, then, what are the specific characteristics of the excellent electric atmospheric pressure boiler? The details are as follows:

1. At present, the advanced first-class electric atmospheric pressure boiler adopts open-type pot slips, which can maintain atmospheric pressure and prolong the service life of the steel furnace in the process of operation. In addition, the circulating pump of the electric normal pressure boiler is installed on the outlet side of the steel furnace, so that the pressure of the boiler can be reduced. Moreover, there is no internal pressure in the boiler of the equipment, and the heating system has pressure, so the boiler water level is kept in a certain range when it is running with water tank or tap water.

2, electric atmospheric pressure boilers with strong environmental applicability and high quality can be allowed to be installed in unsuitable locations of other boilers, so the environmental applicability of electric atmospheric pressure boilers is strong, and no need to consider the problem of pressure relief in boiler rooms. In addition, there is no explosion danger for the electric normal pressure boiler with better performance, so the safe and reliable performance of the electric atmospheric pressure boiler is higher.

3, it is understood that the manufacturing process is simple and it is recognized on the market that the obsolete pressurized steel furnace, after being repaired, inspected and tested, can be transformed into an atmospheric pressure hot water boiler, thus effectively prolonging the service life of the general boiler. The cost of heating system is reduced. In addition, the electric atmospheric pressure boiler can also be made of ordinary steel, which can save high quality steel to a great extent, simplify the manufacturing process, and effectively improve the utilization efficiency.

Note: The cleaning cycle gas-fired boiler

Large boiler: 2 ~ 3 years cleaned once; Medium Boilers: 3 to 5 years washed once; small boiler: 4 to 6 years washed once.

What are the advantages of gas-fired hot hot instant water boiler heating systems in the industry? Boiler used to be a symbol of the industrial era, but with the passage of time, the product of this old industrial era has been difficult to fully meet the needs of modern enterprises, then facing the disease-plagued boiler enterprise exactly how to solve it? Gas-fired boiler can help you solve the problem! Generally speaking, there are the following common diseases of boiler, which is not environmentally friendly, unsafe and dangerous, covers a large area of space and requires special management, and the use of trouble requires handling of all kinds of safety documents. But gas-fired hot water boilers are different, because gas-fired boilers are not environmentally friendly, and gas-fired boilers use combustible gas. There is no pollution discharge. And equipped with intelligent pressure control, there is no need to worry about explosion or carbon dioxide poisoning and other dangers. Gas-fired hot-water boiler uses high and new technology, so the gas-fired boiler has a small area, and the operation is simple and does not require special personnel to operate, press the button on all automatic operation. Because it is not a coal-fired boiler, so there is no need to handle a variety of security documents.

Oriental Hawaii Holiday Hotel is located in Xiaogan City of Hubei Province in accordance with international five-star hotel standard design, set business rooms, SPA bath, foot care, indoor spa and other facilities in one of the hotel. Hot hot instant water boiler heating system is one of the important facilities normal operation can not be separated. With the pace of Hubei Province in response to the national defense of the blue sky, the use of clean fuels gradually increase the proportion of Oriental Hawaii hotel provides visitors to the more perfect leisure experience a sense of the original wishing more polluted coal-fired boilers to replace clean and green gas-fired boiler. After comparing several vendors boiler industry, a number of R & D results very fast square value in the field of clean fuels, entered into a collaboration with the fast boiler. Fast boiler integrally provided a 1.4MW condensing pressure hot water boiler (CWNSL1.4-95 / 70-Y.Q) according to their actual needs. Put into use, fully meet the needs of Oriental Hawaii Holiday Hotel heating and hot water supply.


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