Water Tube Boiler For Sale In Uganda

Water Tube Boiler For Sale In Uganda

Brief Introduction of fuel gas-fired water tube boiler for sale in ugandas of steam condensate heat recovery boiler flue gas volume of the component is generally 15% to 19%, oil-fired boiler flue gas water vapor content of 10% to 12%, much higher than the coal-fired boiler generating water vapor content of the flue gas below 6%. Currently the thermal efficiency of the boiler are low calorific value calculation, although nominally higher thermal efficiency, but because of high natural gas, low calorific value difference of about 10%, the actual energy efficiency to be increased. To take full advantage of energy, reduce exhaust gas temperature, flue gas heat recovery physical, when the wall surface of the heat exchanger flue gas temperature below the dew point temperature, water vapor in the flue gas will be condensed, releases latent heat, low and high 10% calorific value difference can be effectively utilized. As we all know, the thermal efficiency of the boiler low calorific value fuel is calculated without considering the heat loss of latent heat of vaporization of fuel in the high heating value. Thus the thermal efficiency of the conventional boiler generally only 87% to 91%. Waste heat recovery boiler is condensed, to which the exhaust gas temperature is reduced to 50 ~ 70 ℃, full recovery of the latent heat of condensation and sensible heat in the flue gas water vapor. Condensing technology as a new type of environmentally friendly energy-saving technology, its principle is not very complicated, simple summary of what is recovered by condensation equipment hidden in the flue gas and water vapor in the latent heat. In conventional boilers, the exhaust gas temperature is generally 160 ~ 250 ℃, water vapor in the flue gas is still in a superheated state, it can not be condensed into liquid water and release latent heat of vaporization.

How Henan gas water tube boiler for sale in uganda flue gas to reduce combustion temperature by using Henan gas boiler flue gas recirculation control NOx by external and internal flue gas recirculation techniques. Reduction of the combustion temperature Henan gas boiler flue gas can be achieved by adding the flame region, thereby absorbing the added flue gas lowers the combustion temperature. Henan gas boiler combustion products through the flue gas is added to the combustion zone, not only lowers the combustion temperature, NOx formation is reduced; simultaneously added to the flue gas reduces the oxygen partial pressure, oxygen and nitrogen that will reduce the thermal NOx generated process, thereby reducing the formation of NOx. Depending on the application of the principle, flue gas recirculation applied in two ways, Henan gas boiler are recirculated flue gas recirculation and internal external flue gas. For external flue gas recirculation techniques boiler, the flue gas from the outlet of the boiler via an external conduit, re-added to the furnace. According to the study, external flue gas recirculation Henan gas boiler can be reduced to 70% of NOx formation. The ratio of the outer loop NOx control effect has a greater impact, as the outer loop increases the proportion of NOx reduction rates are more obvious, but the electrical energy consumption for circulating air will also increase. For internal boiler flue gas recirculation, gas back into the combustion zone through the main dynamics of the gas burner. Primarily through internal flue gas recirculation speed jet flame entrainment or swirl burner so that the air flow generated rotational achieve a circulating effect. It is generated by using a cyclone or a tangential inlet into a gas stream with a stream tangential velocity, i.e., rotation of a vortex. The strength of the vortex may be a dimensionless swirl number S of FIG. When the degree of swirl exceeds 0.6, the gas stream will have sufficient radial and axial pressure gradients, which can cause reverse airflow, to produce a circular center of the flame recirculation zone.

How to choose the vertical steam water tube boiler for sale in uganda Currently, many industrial production will select vertical steam boiler to improve production efficiency, but because the boiler is a relatively large-scale production equipment, on their respective purchase costs will be higher, so in the selection shall be bound to uphold a more cautious approach to more cost-effective to buy high-quality boiler, so how companies can choose to do good vertical steam boiler? 1, pay attention to the thermal efficiency of the boiler and the steam vertical steam boiler which time is best to use, have to be judged from the performance of the product, good performance products in the boiler thermal efficiency of the steam out of time and has a unique advantage, the higher thermal efficiency and its future operational costs will be lower, the performance of the product will be more reliable, so only choose the superior performance of vertical steam boiler in order to obtain better results using the shorter the time represents the vapor. 2, depending on sewage capacity of the boiler and the heating area businesses in the purchase vertical steam boiler depends on the availability of sewage capacity, only with a certain self-cleaning inside the boiler, remove the sludge and the ability to reduce the scale of outstanding products will be worth the user selected purchase, secondly, the size of the heated area of ​​the boiler is also the focus of this study, and only choose to large vertical steam boiler heating surface, in order to reduce energy consumption and greater productivity. 3, to consider the brand and price of the boiler vertical steam boiler Which is good reputation, will have to see the product brand and price, when purchasing goods than the boiler to a number of selected products and pay attention to the brand, because brand great product in terms of quality and after-sale protection will be relatively large, in addition, their own business can afford the price is considered the focus, only to pick the price to the boiler equipment within the scope of the investment costs reduce the economic burden on businesses . The above aspects is the company in the selection of vertical steam boiler of the most common and most issues to be considered, so, as long as companies follow these buying tips and essentials, will be able to choose the most suitable for their own production and cost-effective good standing steam boiler products, leading to better use of effects and adapt to more powerful production needs.

Cade Shopping Mall is located in central Shanghai Hongkou District, Shanghai Daily larger flow of people in the region. The introduction of Shanghai air pollutant emission standards, water tube boiler for sale in uganda flue gas emissions of nitrogen oxide emissions to less than 80 mg / m, Shopping Mall a coal-fired boilers have been used for many years, NOx emissions far super to this request, the urgent need to replace more environmentally friendly low nitrogen emission boilers. Other units through the use of fast Boiler introduction and understanding, determined and fast boiler to achieve cooperation, party fast to their specific needs to recommend one condensing gas hot water boiler of a 4.2MW for heating needs of the shopping center.


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