Biogas Fired Boiler For Paints Varnishes Industry

Biogas Fired Boiler For Paints Varnishes Industry

When the hot water biofired boiler for paints varnishes industry scale occurs, we first need to be analyzed scale category, and then determine the specific treatment. Boiler feed water before flowing into the boiler, to conduct water analysis and water softening process, until the water quality meet the national standard to enter the convection tube bundles. When the hot water boiler scale processing, general first pickling, water quality control and then take other cleaning measures. With cleaning measures to detect and replace the structure is seriously affecting the safe use of convection tube bundle. If scaling is particularly severe, only the replacement of the way, if a two pipes scaling serious, stuffy way pipe can be used. However, if a large area of ​​the bundle are serious scale, the use of chemical cleaning more effective. Prior to chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning may be employed before the loosening dirt, this cleaning effect will be better. For the scale silicates, more pickling effect. But the party fast hot water boiler experts also concluded a more important note: general dirt simple suggestion pickling, so lower costs. Mechanical descaling is generally less than 1 mm scale clean-up, if the amount of scale thickness to be selected in the above pickling.

Low nitrogen gas biofired boiler for paints varnishes industry, as the name implies, refers to the use of natural gas as a fuel, and a series of measures, such that the major air pollutants - nitrogen oxide (referred to as NOx) emissions decreased down to within the range of emission standards. Nitrogen gas boiler low NOx generation type can be divided into thermal NOx (ThermalNOx), flash type NOx (PromptNOx) and the fuel type NOx (FuelNOx). 1, since the amount of nitrogen gas is lower, and therefore, the fuel NOx is not a major type of control. 2, thermal NOx refers to NOx combustion air at a high temperature oxidation of N2. On the thermal NOx formation mechanism commonly used in the Czech Popovich channel mechanism: When the temperature is lower than 1500 ℃, the heat generation amount of NOx is small; Above 1500 ℃, the temperature is increased 100 ℃, the reaction rate will increase 6 to 7 times. In the actual combustion process, since the temperature distribution in the combustion chamber is not uniform, if there is a local high-temperature region, the NOx generated in these areas will be more, it may be the entire NOx formation in the combustion chamber plays a key role. 3, in the case of prompt NOx in the combustion of hydrocarbon fuel and fuel-rich reaction zone quickly generate NOx. Various factors alone changes in the actual combustion process, a number of parameters are in constant flux, even a simple combustion of gaseous fuel, the fuel and air should be subjected to mixing, combustion fumes, until leaving the furnace. The degree of mixing temperature of the furnace fuel and air, flue gases in the furnace and residence time of these parameters have a great effect on NOx emissions are in constantly changing.

10 tons of heating gas hot water biofired boiler for paints varnishes industry how much area can be a lot of business to meet the heating boiler tonnage of the square footage of the issue in doubt, there are many factors affecting the boiler heating area, the following 10 tons of gas hot water boiler to meet what's the area of ​​district heating? to provide some ideas and direction for the consideration of this issue for everyone. A. Factors heating area of ​​10 t affect gas hot water boiler. After determining the tonnage, heating area and determine the correct measure is critical, it can avoid a lot of unnecessary waste of resources and funding, help to achieve the effect to make the best value. (1) structure type boiler heating the house this condition, we are determined to go first, because the same 10-ton gas hot water boiler, heating area may be a cell, can also be a plant, and that different architectural styles, Heating the final area to measure the results are different. For a cell in terms of factors most affected floor height, piping erection, etc., have a certain impact on the heating area. (2) regional differences, due to the altitude and temperature in different parts of the back and so have different differences, like warm areas, natural heating area will be relatively large, but the high altitude, low temperature regions, the same 10 tons of gas hot water boiler, or the same cell, natural heating area is not the same. (3) the efficiency of the boiler itself likewise heating conditions, if, their operational efficiency and thermal efficiency of the boiler is relatively high, then it's heating area. Heating efficiency is naturally higher up. Of course, factors affecting boiler heating area there are many, such as building materials selected heating zone, as well as specific heating requirements, etc., these will impact on heating. II.10 tons of gas to meet the district heating hot water boilers much area? Detailed analysis of the factors affecting the area of ​​the heating boiler, different regions, different heating buildings and other equally have chosen 10 tons gas hot water boiler, its heating area are probably not the same, then the Zhengzhou fast boiler sales Co. boiler, through market trial, the results of a tonne of gas hot water boiler to meet 10000-10000 two kilometers cells under normal conditions heating, district heating area of ​​10 tons of gas hot water boiler in about 100000-120000 square meters of heating area, of course, these data only for internal use and reference, depending on the actual conditions, it will also have specific heating area more or less out of the specific area of ​​the heating effect of the similarities and differences can contact the online customer service staff, they will arrange professional sales staff to answer.

During installation, the technical team fast biofired boiler for paints varnishes industry plant according to the specific needs of our environment, our rational arrangement of stacks, pipes, and other auxiliary equipment, let us bring a lot of convenience in the latter part of the course. Fang fast responsible attitude also gives us impressed, sent a technical team for installation, commissioning and training to us, let us rest assured, peace of mind, peace of mind. --customer feedback


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