Energy Saving Electric Boiler

Energy Saving Electric Boiler

advantages of energy saving electric boilers

The electric boiler is more and more popular because of its low consumption, convenience and speed, so that people no longer need to cause many unnecessary troubles because of the coal problem. What are the advantages of an electric boiler that allows you to join the team that uses an electric boiler if you don't understand it? The following advantages must give you enough reason to use electric boilers.

The common types of boilers are as follows: fuel (gas) is fuel or gas as fuel, using burners to burn fuel, as a heat carrier. Generally divided into vertical, horizontal two structural forms, mainly according to the equipment space height of these two forms. Coal combustion is coal as a fuel, as a heat carrier. Generally divided into vertical hand-fired horizontal cylinder type horizontal machine burning three types of coal-fired structure mainly according to the labor intensity of coal so as to divide these three forms. For an electric heating oil furnace, heat is generated and transmitted by the immersed electric heating element. As a medium, the circulation pump is used to force the liquid phase circulation, and the heat is transferred to the oil furnace. Using one or more heat-using equipment, after unloading with the heat-using equipment, re-passing through the circulation pump, returning to the heater, re-absorbing heat, and passing it to the heat-using equipment, so that the continuous transfer of heat can be realized and the temperature of the heated object will be raised. Meet the process requirements of heating.

Electric heating boilers in all aspects better than the first gas-fired boiler heating: energy saving electric boiler machine costs comparison of the cost of the machine is generally a few hundred - a few thousand dollars, the cost of gas-fired boiler is generally a few thousand - on the yuan, it can be said electricity boiler also benefit a lot. Various aspects of the second electric boiler heating: Comparative currently consuming resources in most regions tariff 0.52 / degree, superior gas boiler heating gas costs 5.0 / square, electric boiler 2KW power consumption 2 kWh per hour the number of one ton per hour boiler natural gas consumption is 80 cubic meters, the area the same area using electric boilers cost slightly higher than the gas. Third: electric boiler safety between resource use is power, power is a very installed resources, resource gas-fired boiler using natural gas, electric boilers Gas itself has flammable and explosive, so you want to install electric boilers line much higher than gas-fired boiler. Fourth: environmental protection no pollution is a comparison of energy resources, natural gas combustion will produce large amounts of CO2, and a small amount of CO, SO2, NxO, at present, the country also advocates electric heating.

The partnership, fast boiler for the user responsible attitude to have left a deep impression on our fireman boiler operation is not very skilled, fast deliberately sent a party of professional and technical personnel for our on-site supervision of installation, commissioning and training to ensure that the latter can operate our good boiler fireman. --customer feedback


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